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SmartFix Dental Implant System in Southern Pines

Today, patients who are missing teeth can once again enjoy the benefits of a complete and beautiful smile!

The SmartFix® concept represents an advanced four implant-based approach for restoring a complete and beautiful smile when all the upper and/or lower teeth are lost.

It’s your turn to smile again!

The best news is you never have to go without teeth! This remarkable treatment concept enables individuals without teeth to have their implant surgery and receive an attractive implant-retained provisional, full arch bridge, or denture in a single appointment.

With the SmartFix® treatment concept and its advanced, compatible implant systems, your provisional restoration will look great and serve all your smile needs as healing and implant osseointegration occurs. Then, in just a few months' time, your permanent and final full-mouth prosthesis gets placed.

Fewer implants and immediate results!

Whether you have already lost all your upper or lower teeth or are about to get all your remaining teeth extracted, there’s no need to endure the hardship of an incomplete smile or loose, ill-fitting dentures.

You can rebuild your smile and renew your quality of life all on the same day with just four strategically placed implants!

It's time to enjoy the benefits of a same-day, camera-ready smile!

Why wait any longer? With fewer implants, less need for bone grafting, and reduced treatment time, it won't take long to share your new smile with the world!

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